Selling Your House in the Denver Area Is Easier Than You Think

What many people aren’t aware of, is that there are many ways to sell. There is no cookie-cutter solution that is best for every property.

We are a team of investors, brokers, and wholesalers who will provide you OPTIONS when you have a house to sell in Denver or other parts of Colorado.

Some investors claim to be purchasing your house directly, however, they are passing the property on to another buyer by assignment. At New Vision Properties we do work with a multitude of investors, however, we are very transparent about what we do. We are able to:

  • Make you a DIRECT offer, where we are the actual buyer
  • We can share your property with a vast amount of interested investors, allowing you to choose the price and terms that work for you
  • We can help you list a house with one of the area’s best brokers
  • We can help you with creative solutions to meet your immediate needs

We keep everything simple and straightforward. We will research and tour your property before presenting our solutions. There is ZERO obligation! Find out more by giving us a call today! (720) 605-1119

Why Do You Want To Sell Your House in Denver?

No matter why you need to sell, we have a solution that will work for you.

  • Do you own a vacant house, and you’re tired of paying high property taxes?
  • Do you own an unwanted rental property?
  • Are you stuck with a bad inheritance you don’t want to sink money into?
  • Are you behind on payments and facing foreclosure?
  • Do you need to move because of a recent job change?
  • Do you need to upgrade or downsize a house you have outgrown?
  • Do you own a run-down house that needs repairs in order to list?

We specialize in solving your real estate problems. You can learn about all of your options without any obligation whatsoever. And you don’t have to worry about being hassled with a high-pressure sales strategy… we are regular people just like you. Our mission is to help people when they need it most. Let’s explore your options together, so you can make a well-informed and thought-out decision!

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