About New Vision Properties

Our company was founded by Jordan Terrell and Drew Geisheimer who have always loved working with people. Jordan is a former Pastor and is now a successful entrepreneur and real estate agent. Drew is a former speaker and corporate business trainer, who is now working in the home building industry. They would be remiss not to mention, that all of this would not be possible if they hadn’t been introduced by their wives, who have been best friends since 2nd grade.

How It All Began…

New Vision Properties was created by chance when Jordan and Drew got a call from a friend of theirs who had found themselves in a tough position. Their friend was about to lose his home, putting himself and his family out on the streets.

Both Jordan and Drew felt for their friend as they have families of their own, and could not imagine being stuck in such an unfortunate situation. Jordan and Drew got together and offered to buy their friends home, thus clearing his debt, and allowing him to walk away with a check for $75,000. They gave their friend and his family a “New Vision” for their future. After that day, they knew it was time for their focus to switch gears. Their purpose was clear, and New Vision Properties was born.

About Jordan Terrell

jordanJordan was raised in Oklahoma and attended undergraduate school in Los Angeles. He finally settled in Denver because of the superior natural surroundings and the big city feel with a small-town flavor. His professional background is diverse. After spending years in the non-profit sector, Jordan has developed a passion for serving other people. He has brought this passion to New Vision Properties with his service-driven approach and dedication to seller needs. Jordan’s passion for real estate started early, as he bought his first investment property at only age 25… and he hasn’t stopped since. Jordan’s unequally diverse background allows him to provide insights and exceptional experiences for his clients.

With his wife and three sons, Jordan is passionate about spending time with his family. When he’s not at home or at the office, Jordan can be found on the fairway at any of the beautiful golf courses that Denver has to offer. Let Jordan guide you through your next Denver real estate transaction, and show you what true client satisfaction is all about.

About Drew Geisheimer

drewDrew was born and raised in New Mexico and graduated with a Business Degree from New Mexico State University. Shortly after graduating he arrived in Denver and the Mile High City just took hold of his heart. Drew explains that Denver just seems to be the “perfect storm” of lifestyle, scenery, people, and activities that in short order let it be known that this would be his forever home.

Drew’s professional resume is in management and public speaking within the consumer electronics industry. Drew spent many years with Kenwood electronics and almost a decade building the foundation under Sirius XM Satellite Radio before leaving that world entirely to focus on real estate in 2010 after purchasing his first Flip Project. He explains that “Real Estate simply resonates within him and now several dozen projects later is still just as much fun as day 1!”

What Drew brings that is very unique to most any other Real Estate Broker is a real world understanding of the construction trade. He is able to not only guide one through what a property is worth but also what can be done to a property to increase it’s value for a sale and the construction/materials cost in doing so.

Drew has one young daughter and is married to his best friend Jennifer. When not thinking Real Estate Drew can be found outside enjoying CO – his favorite activities being golf and riding behind the boat wakeboarding. Drew explains “In business I try and live every day by the simple motto of – “Do the right thing, And Do more than they will expect!””

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