Listing Your Denver House vs. A Direct Sale: What You Should Know

Whether you choose to sell directly to us or list your property the traditional way, there are a few things you should consider before making your decision. How flexible are you with your timeframe and price? What are you willing to deal with in order to sell your Denver home? Even if you think you have your mind made up, it never hurts to explore all of your options. Learn about some of the basic differences below.

Lisitng A Direct Sale
How much are the commissions and fees?  Expect to pay about 6% of your final sale price to the agent(s) $0. We do not charge you any commissions or fees. (Not even hidden ones.)
How much should I set aside for closing costs?  The average seller will pay about 2% of the final sale price in closing costs. $0- We will pay all usual closing costs
*Is there an inspection & financing contingency? Yes. This is required by most lenders. Keep in mind, 15% of sales fall through Not necessary. We buy as-is and are not using bank financing to purchase your home.
Is an appraisal needed? Yes. Again, most lenders will need the house to appraise at the appropriate value in order to secure the loan. Not needed. We buy as-is.
What is the average number of days until sold? Varies widely, but you can expect it to be on the market for a couple months. We can sometimes close in as little as a week.
How many showings will I need to be ready for? Unknown. Hopefully, your agent brings many people to see your home. 1 (Just Us)
When is the closing date? If your buyer is working with a lender, the closing date can be delayed up to 2 months by the bank! We will close on the day that works best for YOU.
Who will pay for necessary repairs? You will negotiate this with the buyer during after the inspection. We do.
How much can I expect to profit? When you work with a great agent, you can easily expect to receive market value Often less than market value, however after you factor in other savings, the price difference can become negligible.

Which method will help you reach your goals?

There are pros and cons to both ways of selling. What will work best for your property? We want to help you find out! (720) 605-1119

A Direct Offer Will Help You Sell FAST! 

If you need to sell quickly, or simply want to stop dealing with a burdensome property right away, we are ready to purchase your Denver area house now! You can end your financial obligation to the property almost immediately. This means you will no longer be stuck paying expensive taxes, homeowners insurance, and utility bills. This will usually be hundreds of dollars per month in savings.

We Have Investors Waiting for A Property Like Yours!

Some investors will promise to buy your home when in actuality, they are assigning the contract to a third party. By not disclosing their true methods, you can find yourself facing unexpected delays and red-tape. We work much differently. We are very open about how we work, and leave the method of selling completely up to you. If you would be interested in receiving offers from some of the most well-funded areas investors, we have the ability to get your house in front of them.

If You Decide to List, We Have the Best Broker Around

Some people would rather list, and to do so, you will only want to work with the best brokerage in town! Our genuine desire to help homeowners sets us apart from any other agency you have worked with before.

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*An inspection contingency allows the buyer time for an inspection and the ability to negotiate or back out of the sale if repairs need to be made. Similarly, a financing contingency gives the buyer the ability to back out of the purchase if they can’t obtain a loan or if the house doesn’t appraise for the value that the bank needs it to in order to secure funding.